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12 Steps to become healthier
Natural Alternative Holistic Health (updated march-07)

Tip of the day : spend 3 hours looking for magnesium chloride and nigari on google.


0. What's the problem ?
1. Change progressively your habits
2. Add nutritional supplements to fight severe diseases
3. Eat simple food, simply prepared, simple quantity
4. Sleep sufficiently
5. Drink the best water ever
6. Practice Yoga and balance your energies


7. Validate food types
8. Validate menus
9. Validate and check a comprehensive diet
10. Have a rich spiritual life
11. Feel people and events
12. Practice sports and connect to nature

0. What's the problem ?

"Why is disease so common, and perfect health so rare?
Why are the great majority of people afflicted?
Why do we find so many specimens of perfect health and development in all other forms of life, and so few among mankind—the king?
There is some good reason for this. We believe the answer must be found in a consideration of the material from which our body is constructed : that's to say the food we eat. "

From  "Uncooked Foods & How to use them" by Eugene Christian, 1924. (click to read the ENTIRE book; it's NOT a waste of time).

1. Change progressively your habits

It is no more natural to be healthy : the industrial food made of cheap low quality ingredients, the stress of modern life, the various pollutions and poisons ingested by the body result in many diseases including autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Enjoying a healthier way of life is still possible, but it requires personal knowledge and practice.

It is a long struggle to improve one's health, and one has to cope with many difficulties.

The best way to proceed is to learn and change things PROGRESSIVELY, both for psychological reasons (your habits) and for physiological reasons (the body does not like abrupt changes: changing too rapidly may result in other diseases).

This essay is just another aspect of my experience and nothing more. It is intended for informative purposes only and not to serve as/replace treating physician nor to render medical/other advice. And if you decide to adopt some of the practices below, change things progressively : it is at your own risks.

Additional FAQS :
Intended for informative purposes only and not to serve as/replace treating physician nor to render medical/other advice

Can you give a few examples of malicious poisonings due to the modern way of life, and how to cope with them ?

Sure : mobile phones, TV, monitors, ... emit electromagnetic waves that are very disturbing to the body.

Fortunately, I have designed a very easy way to protect oneself from these waves : just take a scotch tape and stick metallic coins all around your electromagnetic devices: typically 20 metallic coins around the screen of your computer or your TV and one or two around your mobile phone.

Why ? Because this network of metallic coins will act as a Faraday Cage and will absorb the noxious electromagnetic fields emanating from these objects. (Note that some firms ask $1000 per screen for the same job...) Nb: I'm not sure of the Maxwell's equations of these Faraday cage, because of the width of the boundary layer, but I'm sure of its efficiency, because of the feeling. 

How radiation is linked to cancer.

Can you give another example ?

The mercury in dental amalgams poisons the whole body:

We know that dental amalgam fillings consist of 50% mercury, which leaks from the fillings and is highly toxic.

Chronic mercury intoxication can give rise to symptoms such as : anxiety, irritability, fatigue, outbursts of temper, stress intolerance, decreased simultaneous capacity, loss of self-confidence, indecision, headache, depression, metallic taste etc...

Download the Amalgam - Related Illness Frequently Asked Questions 

This faqs is very comprehensive and explains how to cure a mercury intoxication (chelators, vitamins, antioxydatives, ...) as well as the removing process (using composite restoration material instead of amalgams fillings): note that such a removing is DANGEROUS and shall be achieved only by a very experienced dentist, who is used to replace amalgams : IN NO CASE inhale through the mouth during the removal.

Read also:

Autism and Mercury
Dental mercury poisoning
Mercury Contributes To Alzheimer's Disease
Symptoms before and after proper amalgam removal
The Dental Amalgam Issue : "A terrible sin against humanity"

Note that vaccines also contain noxious metals that can act the same way...

Mercury and Vaccines
Yahoo Group - Autism and Vaccinations
Association : Help for Autistic Children
Autism and the Epidemic of Irresponsibility
More links

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2. Add nutritional supplements to fight severe diseases

Thanks to the advances of modern medicine, useful nutritional supplements are available.

The two following sites should be seriously considered (for informative purposes only and not to serve as/replace treating physician nor to render medical/other advice) :

NATURAL SOURCE : AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, Arthritis , Leukemia, Lymphomia, Tumors, Autoimmune Diseases , HIV, Opportunistic Illnesses ... Official Beljanski's natural nutritional supplements. 

Read Patients's Testimonies using Natural Source products here  

Read Doctor's words here

These nutritional supplements are based upon DNA and RNA most recent researches.

ALTERNATIVE CANCER US : Side-by-side comparisons of 12 of the most recognizable alternative cancer treatments. Ordering information and directions to email forums and testimonials are provided for most treatments.

Additional FAQS :
Intended for informative purposes only and not to serve as/replace treating physician nor to render medical/other advice

What about benign diseases ?

Taking bathes and drinking a small quantity of red wine mixed with hot water may be useful in case of a cold.  

If the disease is more specific, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Acupressure and other

Holistic alternative therapies

are especially interesting, because everyone can try them and appreciate their efficiency.

ABC Homeopathy : Online Remedy Finder based on Symptoms.
Herbal Medicine Database: 2000+ herbs 
What is acupressure and how it works ?
Bemer 3000 Electromagnetic Therapy

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3. Eat simple food, simply prepared, simple quantity.

a) Eat Simple Food:

The human body is GENETICALLY designed to live in nature, where the only food available is simple food : fruits, vegetables, fishes, animals ...

There are no pizzas or hamburgers in nature : these meals are too fat, with to many salt, to many additional spices, too few vitamins, ...

Human and animal bodies have difficulties to cope with industrial foods: it takes millions of years for the genetic code to change : the body, the digestive system is not and won't be fully adapted to industrial cooked food, resulting for millions of people suffering from obesity, tumors, cancer, arthritis, autoimmune diseases ...

When one has understood this issue and want to change things,  one should PROGRESSIVELY:

- Reduce or suppress additional consumption of salt, oil, sugar, chocolate, coffee, cookies,  pastry makings, candies, sweeten, jam, honey, sodas, sauces, mustard, alcohol, aperitifs, wine, beer, cider...

- Eat simple foods, organic if possible

b) Simply prepared:

All food can be mixed, making it much more easy to digest : for example, read "Green Smoothies: the Most Balanced Meal Ever Created" here 

As regards cooking, it is very useful because it helps make some food easy to digest, but a high temperature is bad.

During the cooking, molecular transformations occur : A+B-->C. In the past million years, the digestive system has learned to digest A and B, because such molecules were widespread in nature (raw fruits, fishes ...), but does not know what to do with C, the new molecule created by cooking. This result in various diseases: obesity, cancer, ... These noxious molecules are called Maillard molecules, you can see them when the color of the food changes to brown or black (caramel, barbecue, ...). These molecules are strongly linked to cancer:

Do Maillard products carry potential risks ?
Grilled veggies and cancer
Why no cooked food ?

On the other hand, cooking destroys many vitamins the body needs.

As a consequence, it's better to eat raw food as often as possible : most fruits should be eaten raw (bananas, apples, peaches, ...), as well as some vegetables (green salad for example), and even some fish occasionally, if you're sure of the origin.

Yet, there are many cases where it is better to cook food SIMPLY : simply means cooking food in a way that protect vitamins and prevent the creation of Maillard molecules.

If you can't eat a food raw, the simpler way to cook is using boiling water, or sometimes the vapor given off by boiling water.

BUT COOKING IS NECESSARY to make some food easy to digest : meat, and some vegetables.

It's also useful to cook a little because it prepares the digestion : there are many molecules in vegetables, and even meat, that are difficult to digest. Cooking simply will save most of the vitamins, and usefully start the digestion of many other molecules.

Eating 70 % raw is difficult, requires a lot of precision for various reasons and should not be achieved without an in depth study; read paragraphs 7, 8, 9 to know more.

c) Eat Simple quantity :

It's a dramatic issue that many western people eat so much food : when you're fat, you can't work as much as slim chinese people, you can't do many things, you can't think as quickly as you could, ...


It means one should eat enough to have good energy, but should always eat less than the body could.

 The digestion is better, you feel more resistant to illnesses, ...


Additional FAQS :
Intended for informative purposes only and not to serve as/replace treating physician nor to render medical/other advice

Why is my digestion bad ?

If the digestion is bad, ask yourself :

- wasn't the food too fat, to mixed ? (pizzas, hamburgers, candies, ...) Prefer eating simple foods.

- a food allergy to a special food may have occurred: then do not eat these food any more, or try to cook is in vapor or boiling water more carefully ? 

- didn't you eat too much food ? Then reduce the quantity ?

- have you cooked it enough (meat, fishes, grains, ... )

- was the quality of the food good ? If not sure, change.

Are there other scientific arguments in favor of raw or simply cooked food ?

Sure, Bioelectronics Vincent is the clinical monitoring of the internal bio-chemical environment. 

Blood, urine and saliva specimens are objectively analyzed to determine pH (acid - alkaline balance), rH2 (redox potential, oxidative stress) and r (resistivity, mineral content). 

It appears that raw food is acid and reductive (it helps fight oxidative stress). As regards Bioelectronics Vincent, eating mainly raw foods is positive for health.

There are extremely important findings to come out of this science; for example, it is possible to design a comprehensive map of the vast majority of diseases, and to link this map with traditional Occidental medicine of Aristotle, Paracelse, the Elemental structure, as well as providing information on how to fight diseases ... . Mail me if you want to know more about this issue.

Learn more about Bioelectronics Vincent
Understanding biological terrain - Core Concepts
BioCellular Analysis
How to provide Biological terrain assessment
Official site of the association of Bioelectronics

I want more scientific articles in favor of raw food

BBC News : Vegan diet 'cuts prostate cancer risk'
Vegan proteins may reduce risk of cancer, obesity, and cardiovascular disease

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4. Sleep sufficiently

People work too much and rest during too little time. The universe, the world, the human body is balanced between male and female, activity and rest, day and night.

If you don't sleep enough, you induce disequilibria in your life. This may result in exhaustion, nervousness, and other diseases.

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5. Drink the best water ever

About seventy percent of the human body is made of water. To function properly the body requires several quarts/litters of water per day.

Here is the way 
to provide your body 
with the best water possible:

1. Check the quality of the water you are usually drinking: if the quality is good, if the vast majority of your neighbors drink this water, it will be ok. If not, choose at your supermarket some drinking or mineral water (select water with a low mineral concentration).

We'll now filter and energize this water.

2. Buy a BRITA Pitcher at your local supermarket or here : this original water filtration system eliminates 98% of the Lead and reduce Chlorine (taste and odor), Copper, and Mercury that may be present in your tap water.

Feel the taste difference before and after ...

3. Take a piece of scotch tape and stick one or two MAGNETS to the exterior side of this pitcher, so the magnets can energize the water. Experience has shown that magnetized water contributes and helps in the treatment of many diseases. It is especially beneficial in treating digestive, nervous, urinary disorders, and chronic degenerative diseases.

4. At this point, to provide the best water ever, you've to ionize water, for exemple using a Kanger Water device

You can now provide your body with a very high quality drinking water.

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6. Practice Yoga and balance your energies

Here are a few basic yoga positions that can be easily practiced once a day:

Look carefully at the drawings and try to do the same (not during digestion and ask a yoga teacher if you have diseases). Keep the position one minute or two, stay calm, breath deeply.

Of course, a comprehensive yoga program is better : click here and here to learn.

On the other hand, it is of a great importance to pacify emotions. For that purpose, learn meditation and work on energies thanks to alchemy (read the other articles of this site to learn alchemy). 

Additional FAQS :
Intended for informative purposes only and not to serve as/replace treating physician nor to render medical/other advice

What about hyperventilation, holotropic breathwork, rebirth, ... ? 

They may be of great help in some cases, but should not be practiced every day (it leads to nervous exhaustion if practiced too often).

The key idea is to say that rapid and deep breathing (hyperventilation) increases the concentration of oxygen in the blood, and after a few minutes, special physic and psychic processes occur.

For example, in case of disease, hyperventilation reduces pain temporarily. Another example, rebirth is a good way to cure psychic trauma.

Click here and here to learn more about Holotropic Breathwork.
Click here to know more about rebirth : "Rebirthing/Breathwork is a safe, simple breathing technique that provides the opportunity and the freedom to change patterns and thoughts from the past, without fear and anxiety, which may hinder or stop you from enjoying your life now."

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7. Validate food types

Eating 70% raw  and 30% simply cooked (boiling water, vapor, ...) is difficult and requires a lot of precision, knowledge and practice.

Yet, several people testify they have been cured from cancer and other severe diseases thanks to a mainly raw food diet.

The first step is to validate each new type of food you will add to your menus. Here is how to proceed :

a) General Inquiry about a new type of food :

a1. First check on Google that the food you want to try is eatable : fruits will be eaten raw, but, starchy vegetables like potatoes, grains, beans (except French beans) are not eatable raw, they'll have to be cooked.

a2. Of course if you have diabetes or any other diseases of this kind, do not try food that is forbidden for you.

a3. Once you've checked that the new type of food you want to try is eatable raw, you should focus your attention on the usual production process to make this food:

- Is there a problem with bacteria ? For example, a meat of poor quality, which hasn't been kept in a refrigerator is likely to carry out bacteria and diseases. Be sure of the quality of the meat before you add steak tartar to your menu. Cook it in boiling water if you're not sure.

- Is there a problem with parasites ? For example, there may be parasites in some fishes or pig meat (that's the reason why the Quran does not recommend it). Cook it in boiling water if you're not sure.

- Is there a problem with hormones ? For example, hormones are injected into US dairy cows to increase their production of milk. These hormones may cause metabolic and reproductive problems in cows and the people who eat their meat (Hormones in Our Food) or drink their milk (Hormones in Your Milk). Milk is not recommended (see below), but meat may be very important in a diet: try to locate a supermarket or a place where you can buy meat guaranteed without hormones

- Is there a problem with pesticides ? Most fruits and vegetables contain harmful pesticides. Make sure you wash fruits and vegetables carefully with water and peel apples, cucumbers ... Throw away the outer leaves of leafy vegetables, such as lettuce and cabbage.

- Is there a problem with heavy metals, solvents or other chemicals ? For example, many birdsfishes and humans are poisoned by heavy metals, which accumulates in their and our tissues. A safe solution to eat fishes who lived far from any coasts (I eat frozen fishes coming from the Pacific Ocean or North of the Atlantic Ocean; the only thing to do is to unfreeze them in hot water)

a4. One you've checked the food you want to try is eatable and of good quality, you should pay attention to the possibility of food allergy : most commons allergens are MILK, WHEAT, NUTS (peanuts, walnuts, hazel nuts , groundnut and groundnut oil...), fish, soy, ... If you never had food allergies, there are few probabilities you are allergic. (take care to new types of nuts, though). There's no need to be much frightened. If you have an allergy, you should consider very cautiously treatments to get rid of your allergies, because all this treatments weaken the immune system: you may not have allergies any more, but you'll be weakened.

Once you've checked all these issues, then you can start the second step of the validation process.

b) Before eating a new type of food

b1. Ok, let's go to the supermarket and look at this new type of food: does it seem fresh or well frozen ? Does it smell nice ?

b2. Read carefully the information associated to the product: is there an address? Is the origin of the food mentioned ? Are there risks of pesticides, heavy metals, or is it from the Biological Agriculture ? Try to imagine how the food has been made.

If these two points seem to be ok, then you can continue the validation process : step c.

c) While eating a new type of food

c1. Prepare your meal : wash the food, unfreeze it if necessary, check it smells nice just before eating it (no chemical odor, ...). Eat a small piece of food and check its taste (no chemical taste, ...).

c2. Now let's  have a test meal with ONLY this new type of food : for example, a meal with a steak if you want to test bread, a meal with only two bananas if you want to test bananas, a meal with only 1 fish if you want to test fish, ...

There's no need to eat more than you would usually eat. Even if you are still hungry, don't eat too much : it's a test meal.

c3. Once you have eaten the food, ask yourself: was it good ? Do I have a positive feeling about this new food ? Do I feel a difference before and after having eaten (feel tired? energized ?)

After you've gathered your feelings, focus your attention on the digestion : 

d) After eating a new type of food

Several situations may occur:

d1. Although you've carefully followed the process, and eaten a very reasonable amount of food, the digestion is uneasy, you feel bad. Ask yourself the reason : did you miss something ? Was the quality really good (no pesticides or chemicals, no bacteria, hormones) ? Didn't I eat too much ? If the answer is YES, then you may have a food intolerance to this new type of food. Do not eat more of this food. When you will be a more experienced , you may have another try. At the moment, just try to validate another type of food.

d2. If the digestion is easy, then pass another test to make sure you have a good tolerance to this food : have a new test meal 2 or 3 days after the first test meal. At the difference of the first meal, eat more food than you would usually do (eat 2 steaks if you want to test bread, four bananas if you want to test bananas, 2 fishes if you want to test fish, ...). If the digestion is still easy, then this new type of food is validated.

d3. Take care though: You've ONLY validated a special type of food in a special context:  a small difference (another food provider, another mark, another variety, a different pesticide, a higher concentration of allergens or bacteria...) may be of great importance; for example, I used to eat hazel nuts and everything was ok; one day, there was no more hazel nuts of the variety I used to eat; I tried another variety and I was ill :-(  : I didn't paid enough attention to the fact that these nuts contain common allergens, and that there was a probability I had a food intolerance to this new variety of strong odor nut's allergens... 

Bear in mind the validation process is never final; a small change may be of great importance. Have a new validation process each time you change something in the type of food you eat.

Here are the more common types of food that should be tested:

Vegetables and Fibres

- all the green vegetables we already talked about : green salad, garden peas, leeks, French beans, cucumber, cabbages,  Brussels sprouts, spinaches, lettuce. Eat raw if possible or cook them simply (boiling water, vapor). 

- one or two times a week carrots, parsley, radish, peas, tomatoes (not everyday in general because the digestion may be bad if you eat some meat or fat at the same time;   ...)

Fresh and Dried Fruits

Sweet fruits : bananas, apples, grapes, peaches, nectarines, cantaloupe, litchis, mango, cranberries, coconuts (if not allergic) and oranges (only if the digestion is good, because they are too acid). They provide the body with vitamins, minerals and sugars

Dried fruits : prunes, dates, apricots, figs, all very energetic, providing a lot of energy (take care no chemical has been added, especially for figs). Click here for more dried fruits. (tip : I like to put dried fruits in hot water for a few minutes before eating them : the digestion is made easier). 

Fat and Proteins

Red Meat : if your blood type is O (see below for details), you should have a good tolerance to meat, which provides the body with both proteins and fat. Definitely try to validate some meat, because it is very useful in a balanced diet.

Biological Eggs : eggs contain antigens that may result in a bad digestion : that's why they shall be cooked carefully. Have a test : eat eggs and vegetables only during one day and focus your attention the day after : if you feel ill, remove them from your diet.

Fish : very important source of fat too. Try to validate fish coming from the Pacific Ocean or North of the Atlantic Ocean, far from any coast and pollution (for example raw frozen salmon, it is of good quality, and not too expensive). If your blood type is A or B, you may be vegetarian, so instead, try to drink some :

Biological Milk : My blood type is O : I don't like dairy products and the digestion is bad (milk Intolerance is very widespread: http://www.nomilk.com Lactose Maldigestion / Milk Allergy / Casein Intolerance ). Yet, if your blood type is A or B, you may digest the milk better and try to validate some biological mik (without hormones) or dairy products, It may be a good substitute to red meat.

Avocados : source of vegetal fat and of vitamins A, B, C, E (try them; personally, I don't eat any more avocados, cause my body don't like fat, the digestion is uneasy)

Note that you may reduce or suppress additional consumption of oils (even vegetable or olive oil) because they  slow down digestion, and because nuts and Arachis oils contain many allergens. Meat and fish you should provide your body with enough fat.


Sprouts are among the richest foods. they provide your body with vitamins, minerals, proteins, ...

Sprouting may be new for you; here is how to proceed :

a. Obtain seed for sprouting free of chemicals and store them in bug-proof containers
b. Measure 100 g of seed, visually inspect and remove stones, sticks, weed seed, broken seeds, etc.
c. Rinse seed and soak seed in water for 12 hours
d. Rinse soaked seed every morning and evening until you eat them (usually 2 or 4 days after germination)

You can try to validate several types of seeds; choose your favorites:

- Soy, Sunflower, Lentils, Mung, Almonds,  Barley, Buckwheat, Corn, Millet, Oats, Quinoa, Rice, Cabbage, Kale, Fenugreek, Mustard, Pumpkin, Radish, Sesame, Alfalfa, Clover, Large beans, Peanuts, Peas, Blackeye, Peas, Amaranth...

Take care you may have some intolerances or allergies to special types of seed. Don't eat of that type any more. For example, cereal allergies and especially wheat allergy (gluten) are common.

Sprouts are especially important for people of blood type A or B, because such people have sometimes meat intolerance and eat a vegetarian diet. People of blood type O should also eat sprouts (soy, ...), but in general they prefer fruits and steak tartar.  

DO NOT EAT TOO MUCH SPROUTS : it's very rich and you would lose their benefits by eating too much, because of bad digestion.

 Supplementary nutriments

Supplementary nutriments may be of help in many cases:

Bee Pollen is one of the richest and purest natural foods ever discovered, and the incredible nutritional and medicinal value of pollen has been known for centuries. (provided you have no pollen allergy)

Nigella Oil - Black Cumin Oil : It was the ancient remedy used by Pharaoh to cure all diseases. It protects healthy cells and stimulates production of natural interferon.

Organic Silicium may be of help in cases of Cardiovascular diseases, Asthma & Other Respiratory Diseases, Viral Hepatitis, Herpes, Rheumatism, Tendonitis, Sinusitis, Arthritis, Zoster, Psoriasis . Be sure of the quality of Organic Silicium, because there are a lot of swindlers ; a reliable organic Silica can be ordered in Ireland (mail him before ordering)

Once you've tested and validated at least 20 types of foods, you should be able to make your own menus.

Additional FAQS :
Intended for informative purposes only and not to serve as/replace treating physician nor to render medical/other advice

Some raw foodists claim there is a special instinct helping choose raw food the body need.

Yes, this is called anapsology. Click here to know more .

In my opinion, though,  the most important criteria is the level or energy and a good digestion : if the digestion is good, if you don't feel any fatigue or acidity, it's a very positive indication.

And cooking IS NECESSARY to ease the digestion (meat, some vegetables, ...)

What about detoxification and the healing crisis ?

When you change from an industrial ordinary diet for a diet with more raw foods,  dramatic changes occurs on all level of your body. The cells release the toxins accumulated for years, and some diseases may occur, especially if the change is too fast. Click here to know more about detoxification and healing crisis.

Yet, two important points must be underlined:

- if one change  very PROGRESSIVELY, the transition period lasting 6 months to 1 year (replacement of one additional industrial cooked food by one raw or simply cooked food every week), things shall be ok. If you have a severe disease and need to change very fast, ask a natural doctor.

- always take care about your digestion: a bad digestion because of eating too much, improper food and insufficient knowledge of diet science  IS NOT a healing crisis. It is just another problem to solve. Read carefully this article and others on the Internet if you encounter such problems. 

What about genetically modified foods ?

Genetically modified foods may be eatable, but they are not the best food : some of them are plants with sterile seeds and they endanger original seed. More, there is a vibrational harmony in seeds (DNA structure and Fractal Fibonacci, DNA combination to form molecular photonic wires that operate resonance energy transfer, ...) and genetically modified foods may disrupt this harmony, which may be of long term consequence.

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8. Validate menus

Once you have validated 20 to 30 types of food, you have to combine them to make menus. There are the special rules to combine foods.

A proper food combining is useful because if you eat more than one food at a meal, you can greatly improve digestion by eating foods that require the same gastric juices for digestion and are compatible. If the combination is improper, acidity and bacterial breakdown occur, creating toxic gases which manifest in the body as flatulence, candida, fatigue, headaches, constipation, diarrhea, low back pain, indigestion and so on.

Here are the main rules to combine foods properly.

Golden rule : 
Separate foods containing sugars from all the other types of foods

The reason is that the combination of foods containing sugars with other types of foods neutralize your enzymes causing your food to putrefy.

What does it means ? One the one hand, some menus shall be made only with foods containing sugars (sweet fruits, dried fruits, ...), and on the other hand other menus shall be made only with other types of food (protein, vegetables, fat, sprouts, ...)

Silver rule :
A proper combination is a combination that results in a good digestion FOR YOU.

If your digestion is good, if you don't feel any acidity, putrefaction, or fatigue, ... then there are a lot of chances the combination is good.

Bronze rules :

- Use fats sparingly, because fats inhibit the secretion of gastric juice. Avocados, meat and fish you should provide your body with enough fat.

- Sometimes acid fruits (oranges, grapes, ...) do not combine with dried fruits (dates, prunes, ...)

Let's talk about the relation between food and blood types :

Originally, there was only one blood type : O. Men were living in forests, they used to eat fruits and vegetables red meat. They were "Hunter-Gatherer".

Later, men adopted a new lifestyle, they began to cultivate rice, wheat, ... And, as an adaptation to this new lifestyle, the body created the blood types A and B. They were "Cultivators" (A group) or "Nomads" (B group) . Click here for the detailed story.

As a consequence, after years of researches, Peter D'Adamo, ND, advices to tailor one's diet to one's specific blood type :

Type O types should basically stick to a high protein diet (including red meat), fishes, low carbs, and
enriched with fruits and vegetables. O group people should limit the intake of grains, wheat products, corn, and avoid dairy products, fat and most nuts. If not, they may be affected with hypothyroidism, high stomach acid (leading to ulcers), and thinner blood with greater resistance to blood clotting.

Type A types should basically stick to fruits and vegetables (high carbs / low fat). They have thicker blood than other blood types, a sensitive immune system, and should not consume dairy products, animal fats and meats. They are at a heightened risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

Type B types should consume a balanced diet (fruits and vegetables, grains, fish, dairy, meat,
but avoid chicken). They have the best chance of bypassing or overcoming everyday types of diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

Type AB types should consume a mostly vegetarian diet, and only on rare occasions some
fish, meat (no chicken), and dairy.

How to tailor one's menus to one's specific blood type 

Blood types :

Should eat more often :


- menus based on raw fruits
- menus based on red meat, fish and vegetables simply cooked


- mostly vegetarian menus based on sprouts and vegetables, with fish and white meat, simply cooked (vapor or boiling water)
- menus based on raw fruits


- menus based on sprouts and vegetables, with sometimes fish and white meat, simply cooked (vapor or boiling water)
- menus based on raw fruits


- vegetarian menus based on sprouts and vegetables, and sometimes fish , simply cooked (vapor or boiling water)
- menus based on raw fruits

Yet, these average tendencies should be considered carefully.

I don't believe in 100% vegan diets, without fish at all, even for AB groups: perhaps one day science will provide high quality industrial food intended to replace these animal products, but at the moment a diet with no fish may result in severe protein and fat deficiencies. A safe way to prevent and correct such deficiencies is to vary menus from day to day, and to eat fish and meat if validated.

How much food for one menu ?

If you don't eat enough, you'll have deficiencies. If you eat too much, you'll whether become fat whether encounter digestive problems.

The proper quantity depends on you. Yet, it seems to me that  3 bananas or more, 2 avocados or more, 2 steaks or more, more than 250g of dates or prunes, ... are two much.


After having tried a new menu, ask yourself : 

- How do I feel when I eat these two things together ? 
- Do I feel better with meat or without ?
- Do I feel better if I eat more fish ?
- What about the digestion of dried fruits ?

 After a few tries, you'll be able to compose healthier menus.

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9. Validate and check a comprehensive diet

Once you have validated several possible menus (based on green vegetables and meat/fish, based on sweet fruits, based on dried fruits, based on sprouts ...), the next step is to validate a comprehensive diet.

Here are some possible diets :

Blood Type O :

Breakfast : [sweet fruits menu / providing vitamins and minerals]

Lunch : [dried fruits menu / providing concentrated glucidic source of energy]

Diner : [green vegetables with cooked red meat or fish  / providing proteins, fibres and fat]

Blood Type A/B :

Breakfast : [fruits menu, sweet or dried/ providing glucidic source of energy, vitamins and minerals]

Lunch :  [sprouts and green vegetables menu, with sometimes fish and white meat if validated / providing proteins, fibers, fat, vitamins and minerals]

Diner : [sprouts and green vegetables menu, with sometimes fish and white meat if validated / providing proteins, fibers, fat, vitamins and minerals]

The composition of these three daily meals is intended to make sure you eat enough vitamins, minerals, glucids, proteins, fibres and lipids. 

One you've composed your comprehensive diet, try it for a few days. Always check the digestion is good.

Take care to introduce enough variations in your diet. Eating always the same foods may result in protein, Vitamins and Mineral Deficiencies.

From time to time, check that you loose weight (if you are overweight), and that you don't loose weight (if you have no unnecessary weight).

Also check thanks to this vitamin and minerals tablet that your diet provides your body with enough Vitamins and minerals : 

Vitamin and Minerals Tablet (click here) 

After a few months eating a diet, you'll have enough experience to rely on your feelings to compose your own menus. Good luck.

Additional FAQS :
Intended for informative purposes only and not to serve as/replace treating physician nor to render medical/other advice

Can you detail a typical menu for a person of blood type O ?

Yes; before testing such a menu, make sure you have validated all the types of food.

Breakfast: [sweet fruits menu / providing vitamins and minerals]
- 2 bananas 
- grapes or tangerines or mango or melon or water melon or ...

Lunch : [dried fruits menu / providing concentrated glucidic source of energy]
- 200 to 250g of dates or prunes or apricots or ... (rehydrated during 10 minutes in hot water to improve the digestion)
- 2 or 3 apples 

Diner : [green vegetables with meat or fish  / providing proteins, fibres and fat]
- green salad or french beans or Brussels sprouts
- a steak or some fish (raw or simply prepared)
- beets or some sprouts 

This diet is also excellent for intense intellectual activity. But bear in mind to change progressively your habits and that :


Would you like to read other people experiences about raw food diet

Click here to read 40 testimonies of raw foodists  

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10. Have a rich spiritual life

Do our spiritual and social lives have any influence on heath ?

The answer is definitely yes :

- many people who suffered from severe diseases claim they have been cured by prayer and faith :

Each year more than 6 million pilgrims visit the Marian shrine at the town of Lourdes
How Lourdes Cures Are Recognized as Miraculous
Faith Healing : The power of Christ compels you... to feel better !
God gives Health, Bible promises

Praying to the Saints, contemplating Jesus and Mary, concentrating on Love may be of great help in case of poor health. It can provide a new energy to go on despite difficulties.

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11. Feel people and events

The social life is also important : if your relatives are full of sins, you're more likely to be in bad health : positive people provide you with energy, positive thoughts, positive activities, whereas negative people provide negative thoughts and feelings.

It is of great importance to carefully choose your relatives so as to avoid negatives people and make the most of the opportunities offered by benevolent positive people.

For this purpose, you should improve your inner feeling of people and events. With good abilities and constant training, it is possible to feel people intentions in the first few seconds or even less. Who is this person ? What is my feeling about this person, about these intentions ?

You should also practice in order to learn to feel and read auras ? Have you never felt instinctively attracted or repulsed by some people ? Try to concentrate on these feelings, to learn of them and to spot people who provide you the same feeling in a few seconds.

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12. Practice sports and connect to nature

It's not so easy to practice sports in a good way :

- if you practice no sport at all, it's bad, because your body needs physical activity. 

- if you practice too much sports, it can be worse and lead you to exhaustion, heart attacks, ...

- in my opinion, the best way to practice sport is to connect to nature : it decreases our stress, it provides vital energy from the air (Prana) and from the earth (if you practice barefoot). 

Sport should be practiced in connection to nature as often as possible. If you're in a huge town, you can use a air ionizer (choose one with a low ozone concentration).

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