This test will draw your alchemical energy structure :

I'm masculine

I'm feminine

I'm into artistic activities

I am affected by sad stories

I'm used to do a lot of manual labor

I'm used to do a lot of intellectual work

I'm sometimes rough

I try to make compromises

I make plans and I follow them

I prefer usual methods rather than new ones

I like to have fun

I trust traditional values

I have a lot of vitality

I like to communicate with many people

I believe others have good intentions

People tell me I talk too much

I make important decisions based on my intuition

I make important decisions based on my logic

I forgive easily

I trust in community values

I am often in my own world

I like being in competition with others

I take benefit from others

I act on impulse

I do a lot of sport / physical activity

I tell the truth even if it hurts my interests

I have cycles of extreme highs and lows

I have a lot of friends

I'm full of ideas

I've read a lot about spirituality

I would make sacrifices to have more :

- Morality

- Artistic abilities

- Success

- Intelligence

- Love

- Eloquence

- Strength

- Magical skills

- Friends

- Partners

Society should focus its resources to promote :

- Fun and entertainment

- Arts

- Spirituality

- Justice

- Equality and solidarity

- Happiness

- Health and environment

- Economic competitiveness

- Security

- Education


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