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3. Chakras System, Pictures and Chart
Updated 2012 with better order 1 to 10

Chakras are vortexes of energy in the body; here are the 7 main chakras and their locations:

Chakras are yin when they receive energy, Yang when they emit energy. Some of them are more likely to move and to differentiate themselves, due to their intermediate position. The energetic structure of human body therefore corresponds to the tree of life (see details):


Note that the right hand, the right side of the body is more YANG than the left side of the body.

Look at the back of the body, you'll obtain the symmetric yin Yang tree:

Understanding yin/Yang/left/right is of importance.

Now, let's add names, chakras and their correspondences :

N Psychological functions, Symbolism Chakra Physiological functions Planet Metal
10 Spirituality = completion = 10 Crown (Sahasrara) Pineal gland; regulates night and day 1st Swirling ---
9 Imagination, Artistic abilities, art = closest to completion = 9 yin Chandra Ajna area Thalamic area, helps pituitary gland Zodiac ---
8 Rationality = structures = cubic = 8 corners Yang Surya: Ajna area Pituitary gland, controls other glands Saturn lead
7 Justice = law of God = 7 yin Visuddha Throat Jupiter tin
6 Ego, communication = 6 Yang Visuddha To speak, mouth Mars iron
5 Love, Openness = Humanity = 5 Heart: Anahata Heart, circulatory system, blood Sun gold
4 Control of emotionsSocial abilities = stability = 4 Yin : Navel Digestive system: 2nd phase assimilation, Venus copper
3 Work = Business = masonry = 3 Yang: Solar Plexus: Manipura Digestive system: 1st phase: digestion Mercury mercury
2 Sexual energy = 1+1 = 2 Sex Swadhistana Reproductive organs Moon silver
1 Physical energy, will to live, survival = basis = 1 Root Mulhadara Spinal column, Adrenal Earth ---

Note : Sephirot correspondences are not mentionned, because there are several misunderstandings about Sephirot : for example, Binah (rationality) is said to be "feminine", whereas rationality is obviously masculine (most engineers are men, whereas many literature teachers are women) ...

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Chakras System, Pictures and Chart
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Chakras System, Pictures and Chart


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Kundalini Awakening : Kundalini Yoga Rising Course
The Language of the Lost City of Atlantis Continent
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